I want to go one colour all over!

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My roots are dark with some grey, but my mid-length to ends is bleach blonde. I want to go one colour all over. I went to my local salon and asked them what colour they'd suggest, as I don't want to go as dark as my roots are. The colour they suggested was an 8NW all over with lower peroxide on my ends.

What do you think about the colour they have said, as I’m quite worried about going ahead with it? They said my natural roots were between a 5 and 6.

Anon, UK


Toning down hair is particularly difficult, as it can be quite a contrast to your current look. They are right to use a lower peroxide strength on your ends, but this could result in your ends being noticeably darker than your roots, as they will be more porous and will absorb the colour more.

I would recommend using foils of three different shades similar to your natural base, and then gradually apply an overall colour. It will take a couple of attempts to get the depth of colour to where you want it, as there is no pigment left in your ends. It is a much more gentle approach and less of a shock for you, plus the colour will look so much more natural and multi-tonal.

For aftercare, I would recommend using Kérastase Choma Captive shampoo and conditioner.

Lucy Ferguson, John Olivers (Norwich)



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