I wanted to go grey but my hair has turned blue!

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I went to my salon with blonde hair wanting to go grey. Well my hair turned blue and I had a lot of blonde left. They redid it the next day and I have no blonde left but it's still a really ugly blue.

How can I get the gray I want without it turning blue? Is there anything I can do to tone down the blue? Thank you!

Anon, USA

Hi there, 

It all depends on the condition of your hair. If it is in good condition, there are colour processes that you can go through to remove the tone and then re-colour with the grey tone (I would recommend Wella Illumina Colour for toning).

If your hair is damaged, over processed or porous, then that may be why the blue tone stuck to the different areas. If this is the condition of your hair then I would suggest using a cleansing shampoo to help remove the unwanted tone. I would avoid over colouring! I would always suggest seeking the advice of a technician to maximise colour results.

Hope this helps! 

Dawn Anderson, Salon Coordinator at browns, Lockerbie 

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