I would like a colour change but IÕm not sure where to start

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My hair is a natural medium brown in colour (with a few noticeable greys) which I have been dyeing various shades of red/burgundy for about 18 months.

I would now like to change my colour to a medium blonde, either an all over colour or highlights. My current red does seem to fade pretty well and for how long my hair is it is in very good condition.

My issue is that living in Australia the hairdressers are not that great here and there are no really good professional colourists to ask for help, so I wanted to check with the experts in the UK first to see what your advice is before I listen to a colourist here.

You guys really seem to know what you are doing!

Where do I go from here and how?


Nikki, Australia

Going lighter from your natural medium brown shade would be quite simple, however as you have been colouring it different shades of red/burgundy it makes it a little more difficult.

Even though you say the colour fades pretty well, without seeing it I can't assess how much cuticle stain there may be present. Cuticle stain means that the hair becomes permanently 'stained' with red or dark artificial pigments from dying hair over and over. This can be irreversible. 

It is quite a big colour change and needs to be attempted very carefully by a specialist and real thought needs to go into how to transition you from your current colour to your desired shade. Definitely not to be attempted at home!

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London

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