If I put an all over colour on top of my foils will it look uneven and patchy?

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I have been going to hairdressers for many years to have foils which are reddish on top with brown in-between the foils. I am thinking of doing an all over colour as my grey comes through every four weeks. I would like to try a reddish colour to match the foils but will this cover the brown or will it look patchy and uneven?

Thank you,

Jude, Preston

If you are fancying a change then it is best to go speak to your colourist who usually colours your hair. They will know whether it will be suitable for you, it may be possible to just go ahead and have an all over reddish shade applied. On the other hand it could be that you need to have some of the brown shade cleansed out of the hair to remove the build up. Then your chosen shade can be applied over the top.

It shouldn't be a big challenge and I hope you get the shade you are looking for!

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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