I'm getting married soon and cannot get my hair colour correct!

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I have natural mousy brown hair. I have been to a salon and had a colour added which is a brown but a mud brown and in certain lights looks ginger.

I’m getting married in September and very much need a natural light brown, every time I take a picture of Annalise from Hollyoaks in the hope to copy her colour, the hairdresser's keep making my hair darker/redder.

Please help, thank you,

Anon, UK

I had a look at some pictures of Annalise in Hollyoaks and she looks quite mousy to me, but she might have very subtle highlights put through her hair.

I would stop having an all over colour now so that the colour can fade before your wedding in September. Then when it has faded substantially, I would probably weave very soft highlights finely through the hair (no more than two shades lighter than your colour).

Funnily enough this mid tone brown/blonde type colour can be quite tricky to achieve if your hair has already been coloured darker. It maybe so that you might not achieve the precise colour because of your current shade so keep looking at other options that might be more realistic. I would speak to a colourist who loves performing colour changes and go along armed with a few ideas.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks

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