I'm going to my hairdressers soon to have my colour stripped but I am worried about the damage this may cause!

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My hairdresser changed the hair dye they used from L’Oréal to a brand called Silky. My usual colour, medium brown permanent, changed to a very dark brown almost black. I visited a good salon to change hairdressers and they have recommended having the colour stripped using L’Oréal products as my previous hairdresser always coloured my hair from root to tip each time, this will make it an orangey colour and then they will put the colour on and only to the roots when needed etc.

I am having it done in a few days and four days later I am going on holiday, the hairdresser said it would be ok, but I am a bit worried that it may either damage my hair or go green in the chlorine etc.

Also I have been told by a friend that the treatment is very drying and therefore I am worried about having it done before going away. Can you please give me any advice?

Thanking you in advance! :-)
Anon, UK

If your hair is too dark at the moment then your only option is to have it cleansed of the heavy colour and have it evened out. Using L'Oreal products to do this is great and I am glad to hear you are going to a confident colour professional. Any colour treatment when the hair is being lightened will dry the hair slightly so an intense conditioning treatment and a good protein shampoo should help minimise it feeling too dry. 

It is fine to have this done before your holiday and don't worry it won't turn green as hair only turns green when it is in the blonde shade range. Anything darker than a medium blonde is too rich a tone to show any greenish hue, especially if you have been dark for so long.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London

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