I'm having foils to cover my grey but it doesn't seem to be covering it very well?

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I have sensitive skin so need to have colour applied with foils and usually have a full head foils colour. I have mid brown hair with a smattering of grey mainly at the back of the crown.

The salon I use at the moment is one of the leading colour salons but they do not seem to be able to colour or mask the grey very well and have told me that you will never get a good coverage even with a full head of foils but there seems to be very little coverage of the small amount of grey at the back.

They employ a "slice" method as they say this is the best method of covering grey but only a full tint will cover grey although I have friends with more grey in their hair than me who have foils and seem to have a much better result than the salon I use is achieving.

Can you tell me if a full head in foils would cover the majority of grey hairs?

Thank you,

Anon, London

If your skin is sensitive and colour irritates your scalp then you are doing the only feasible thing I can think of masking the grey hairs. Slicing techniques are a partial method of colouring hair and as you may know never get to the root area (maybe 0.5cm away). 

Have you thought about maybe going lighter with your colours? So not just masking it with your mid-brown shade but blending light and dark tones to diffuse the grey throughout the hair. This would give a great illusion of the white hairs being highlights through an otherwise dark head of hair.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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