I'm so fed up with my grey hair I'm thinking of going silver, is this the best option?

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I’m only 29, however all my hair is grey and has been since I was in my teens. I have been colouring my hair now for years to cover it and sticking to my original dark hair colour.

I’m now so fed up that I've been thinking I would just like to go with it and have silver coloured hair, but is this a good idea and what is the upkeep?

Thank you,

Victoria, Newport

This is a fantastic question and I hope I can be of some help! I recently have been working with a couple of clients with the same hair dilemma. Some of the most glamorous women in the world went grey prematurely and it is an exciting step for you to take.

Taking someone from coloured brunette to silver is not a one appointment process and will take a lot of patience on your part to finally get the colour you want. I suggest that you stop with the all over colouring of your hair as soon as possible and leave it until you have around an inch and a half of natural regrowth. Then have a consultation with a colourist who enjoys colour correction work.

If I were doing it I would emphasise certain areas of you hair with lots of fine highlights in a silver grey colour and then keep building on that over a number of appointments. Hair colourists don't have a special dye that can take coloured hair to silver and it takes quite a lot of colour technical know how to achieve this correctly, so do your homework on who is best for the job.

In upkeep terms I would firstly say that it will be rather easy, as when you get to your hair colour goal it will just mean that you will have to use the right shampoo and maybe have a silver glaze over the hair to maintain the shine and lustre of it.

One bit of advice though, if you have long hair then it may be wise to have a good chop! I am talking a few extra inches than normal as this will make it easier as the proportion of silver to coloured hair will be shortened.

I hope this helps you and would love to see the results!

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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