I'm thinking of getting blonde highlights to hide my grey hair, how do I go about this?

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The ends of my hair are naturally dark, the lengths are medium brown and the roots are about 50% grey. I want to blend the grey hair with some blonde highlights so I can grow the greys out and make them less obvious.

What’s the best way for me to do this so the colours of my hair are all highlighted to the same blonde colour?

Can this only be done by bleaching the dark ends or can a permanent hair colour do the same? Also will the highlights show in the dark brown ends of my hair?

Thank you,

Anon, UK


You seem to have the right colouring mix to have multi-colour high and lowlights. Lowlights are darker maybe similar colour as you have on the ends now mixed with the medium brown you have in the middle of your hair and then add soft blondes. High lift colours can lift some medium brown but you will need the bleach to lift your natural dark brown on the ends. 

May I suggest you ask your colour specialist to apply three colours, one of each of the brown - the colours you have in your shades of brown, and then use a bleach to add the highlights from the roots to the ends. It may be necessary to pre-lighten the brown on your ends as well as the mid-lengths of you hair the first time so that you get an even balance of colour from root to ends.

This process will take some time so be prepared to sit at the salon for a few hours, take a book maybe some music to pass your time. By having three colours your grey hair will not show through as fast when it starts growing out, plus you can always go blonder as your hair grows over time.

All you need to do first is find the best colourist in town who is experienced in understanding your type of hair. I am sure you will look great and it will also give you a sexy appeal. 

Take  advantage of spring arriving shortly as this will give you an amazing boost to be a 'New You!' 

Pierre x

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

This is interesting. I am guessing that the ends of your hair are coloured dark and are not naturally that way as hair doesn't get naturally darker as it grows. If anything long brunette hair, if it hasn't been coloured, actually gets slightly lighter over time. As your current shade is uneven in colour, we need to do something to balance it out as best as possible.

What I would do is highlight the dark areas on the lengths and ends and then tone them a light ash blonde to blend the natural grey with the tinted ends. The only product that will be able to do this is bleach, permanent colour will not have the lightening power to achieve a shade that will be light enough to blend in with your grey.

I would use a silver shampoo that is great for neutralising warm brassy hues in lightened hair. This alongside a good colour conditioner should keep the hair tip top through your hair colour transitions.

John Clark, Head Colourist at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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