I'm trying to get a blue colour in my hair but it keeps fading, what should I do?

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I recently bought a home highlight kit which required me to pre-lighten it and then dye over it with blue. The Blue soon washed out and I was left with a green colour.

I went to a professional hairdresser who covered it with another a maroon colour, which is also washing out quickly. Would it be wise to dye over it with dark blue or a similar hair colour or just wait for it to wash out?

Anon, UK

If you want your hair to be blue again on top of your highlights then the best thing to do is to let the hair fade until it is a very pale colour. Now as it has had a maroon colour applied to it, it may never fade to white so the best you can hope for is a pale pinkish tone. Then afterwards if you want a blue that will last choose a deeper shade than you want as it should last that little bit longer.

Blue is such a delicate tone that it never lasts long in the hair and you have to expect a certain amount of upkeep to maintaining a nice shade. I have a client who re-colours her blue hair every week to keep it looking true blue.

Remember that bleached hair is porous so use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for coloured hair to help prevent your colour from fading.

Hope this helps!

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

Unfortunately whenever you pre-lighten hair and apply another colour over the top it is always going to fade. Pre-lightened hair acts like a sponge and lets go of colour quickly which is why both of your colours have faded.  I would recommend you book in for an in-depth consultation to discuss a realistic life expectancy of your colour and the best way to maintain your hue between salon visits.

At HOB Salons we offer a complimentary consultation where we assess your natural colouring, eye and style to ensure you receive a tailored colour just for you. Invest in Wella Professionals Colour Saver shampoo and conditioner (from £14.00 @ HOB Salons)

Faye Turner, Creative Colour Director at HOB Salons 

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