I'm trying to get from a dark brown to a light brown with highlights!

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Last year I tried to bleach my hair myself and it ended up falling out, so I had it cut into a bob but the actual hair condition was terrible. I got the condition back to my hair and dyed it a dark brown colour, I used to have light brown hair with blonde highlights and would now like to have this back before my birthday but i don't know where to start.

Should I get it stripped and dyed or should I dye it weekly and try and get the brown lighter so then I can just have highlights put in instead of getting it stripped.

I am also using macadamia oil as well to help with the condition of my hair. Any advice please!

Thank you,

Anon, UK

I think in five months you should be able to get you hair lighter but the only way you will achieve it is to go visit a colourist who enjoys colour changes.

They will have to remove the artificial dark colour and then try and colour match it as close as possible to your original shade.

Something to remember for the future, colour doesn't lift colour. So if you kept applying a light brown colour over a dark artificial shade it won't lighten, it will just get more damaged and the cuticle will be stained irreversibly.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, london 

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