Is it safe to add hydrogen peroxide to my hair to create the Ombre look?

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I dyed my hair a reddish colour with copper undertones, but now I would like the Ombre effect on my hair. I like the dark to light look so I was thinking of dying my hair a dark brown and then adding hydrogen peroxide to the ends.

What I'm afraid of is having the same copper undertones, any advice please!

Thank you,

Marie, San Francisco

With all the red in your hair, this colour change is best left to the professionals. It needs to be done with great care as to not damage the hair and also to not overload it with too much colour.

Putting a dark brown colour on yourself at home could lead to it becoming too dark and heavy, and also if you do it from roots to tips you may find it hard if not impossible to lighten the ends afterwards.

I noticed you said you wanted to use hydrogen peroxide to give the Ombré effect. This stuff on its own won't lighten the hair properly and will just damage it and make it very porous. Colourists mix peroxide with tints and bleaches so that they work, we never use it by itself as a lightener!

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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