Is semi-permanent colour the best way to cover grey hair?

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Hi Hair Doctors,

I have mid-light brown hair that is highlighted and I am also going a bit grey. My hairdresser has suggested that instead of highlights I have an all over semi-permanent colour that is either as light as the highlights, or between the colour of the highlights and my normal hair colour.

He says that this will fade over 6-8 weeks, but if it lightens my hair, I imagine it uses some form of bleach, how can it fade? Also, will the roots regrowth show more than just with highlights?

He is great at colour, but I'm very nervous!

Thank you for your help,

Helen, London

The semi-permanent colour won't contain any bleach at all but what it does have is a developer that contains a gentle hydrogen peroxide. This sounds scary but honestly it isn't at all! Hydrogen peroxide is an essential component in all colours that are designed to last in the hair. Whether that be to blend first greys, cover white hair permanently or lift hair to different shades of blonde.

Long lasting semi-permanents do fade over time, but they can lift the natural colour of hair slightly and you will get a slight regrowth after that 6 to 8 week period.

If you are already having highlights and they are not covering your grey hair as well as you want then this is a great idea in getting rid of them a little more thoroughly. You shouldn't be getting anymore regrowth than you already do if the right shade is chosen.

I hope you and your colourist have fun at getting rid of those greys!

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London

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