Is there a hair dye I can use that contains no PPD?

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I am severely allergic to PPD in hair dye and ended up in hospital after dying my hair. I previously dyed my hair blonde and am now fed-up with it and want to go back to my natural colour.

There are no dyes I can find that don’t contain PPD or the chemicals I am allergic to. I have been on many forums and websites and have not come across anything that will help me.

Someone said if I go to a salon they can strip my hair back to its natural brown colour, is this possible?

Thank you,

Anon, UK


It is not passable to strip colour from blonde to get your natural colour back, once the natural hair colour molecules have been removed they are removed permanently. Only with dyes or semi-permanent colouring can a new colour be achieved. I researched a website for you, please have a read as it may hold a solution for you:

I do hope this will help you,

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

I am sorry to hear that you have this as you are extremely limited to the products that you can use to colour your hair.

The person who told you that we can strip your hair back to its natural colour from blonde has misinformed you greatly and I will explain why.

Think of natural brown hair as a swimming pool, (hard to imagine but stay with me), then imagine the pool with big black and brown beach balls on the top of it, then underneath those are red footballs, then under those there are thousands of orange tennis balls, until finally at the bottom you have millions of yellow golf balls.

When we bleach or lighten the hair, what we do is permanently remove these natural pigments (the balls) so first go the largest pigments like brown and black, then the red, and so on until we are left with the yellow ones. The more pigments, the longer it takes to lift from the hair so that is why hair often goes yellow if not done correctly.

But when we lighten hair the dark pigment that was once there doesn't exist anymore and you can't strip the hair to reveal it once again as it has been removed.

The only way to get your hair back to brown safely I would say is to grow it, rock the dip dye look and then have a big hair cut to finally get rid of the remaining blonde colour.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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