Is there any way I can correct my colour without using bleach?

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I started off with naturally medium brown hair but I really wanted to go blonde, so I went to my hairdresser and got golden/honey highlights. I was really pleased with the results and went back for more a month or two later, although my hairdresser did exactly the same colour I didn’t like the result as I found it looked slightly ginger.

I really wish I'd have simply got a lighter tone of the highlights, but instead I dyed my hair permanent 'darkest natural brown' and immediately regretted it! My hair turned jet black while some of highlights remained the same , leaving my hair a streaky mess! I put up with this for a few months and have just used a semi-permanent brown dye. My hair is now a fairly dark brown but with a red tinge to it, however I'm sure as time goes by the colour will fade and my blonde/ginger streaks will come back.

I'm determined to go blonde as I've realised I much prefer it, is there any way my hairdresser or myself could get my hair to a medium/golden blonde without using bleach as I don't want to damage my hair. At present my hair is quite thin and in my opinion in good condition. 

If you could help me, it would be very much appreciated!

Thank you,

Anon, UK 

I suggest you go back to your hairdresser who did your original highlights and tell them your story, if they are a professional salon they should advice you for free and maybe give you a discount for being a loyal client. Your story sounds genuine but I need to ask you one thing, when you went back the second time did your hairdresser recommend to you that it would be better to add very fine, ivory blonde highlights instead of the gold and honey. On natural medium brown hair a few fine gold and honey highlights looks great. However adding more of the same colour and taking out more of your natural medium brown hair is to much and does not show the colour as highlighted hair but more like a ginger overall colour.

If your salon is not willing to help, maybe a friend or neighbour or someone you see on the streets or in the shops, someone who has the colour of the hair you desire can recommend you to their salon. Once you find a recommended salon tell them your story and listen to their advice. 

I certainly would not add anymore home colours, especially semi-permanent colours; these colours can react badly on over coloured hair, make sure you tell your hairdresser which semi-permanent colours you used. If you do NOT tell your hairdresser the whole story they will not be able to diagnose your hair honestly, which could lead to more Bad Hair days later.

You say you have fine hair, I would definitely not recommend any bleaching or hair lightening for a few months, depending on your hair length. Try living with your colour as it is, use a good shampoo which may lighten your hair over time, the condition of your hair must stay in good health at all times. When you lose the condition your hair will refuse to take more colours and they will keep washing out. Try being patient, you will get your blonde hair, just wait a while until your hair lightens naturally, sitting in the sun will help, and then try the above mentioned. 


Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

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