My hair is breaking so badly that it looks like I have a fringe!!

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I have fine, frizzy hair that keeps breaking around my crown. Where I live is extremely humid so I have to tie my hair back, which is the cause of the breakage. The breakage is so bad it looks like I have bangs!

I would like to get a keratin treatment to take away the frizz so I can wear my hair down, but I'm terrified that the treatment will be damaging to my already thin, fragile hair.

Will this be the case, and if not which type of keratin treatment would work best?

Thank you.

Lisa, Cayman Islands

Hi Lisa,

As we all know humidity can be the worst for softer textures, and wearing your hair tied back all the time will be adding extra stress to your already weak hair. 

My suggestion is to invest in a product called NIOXIN. This is a scalp and hair treatment that increases fullness and strength against breakage. They also have a repair treatment that can care for the mid-lengths and ends whilst the new hair has a chance to grow. 

In the meantime I suggest using Wella's Luxe Oil whenever styling for an instantly smoother finish, as this contains keratin to help reconstruct the hair. 

I hope this helps. 

Trae, Head Stylist at browns, Dumfries

Dear Lisa,

I feel for you and understand your situation; humidity and frizzy hair do not mix!

I advise you to immediately stop using the hair bands you're using and find a softer cloth band, or better still, change your hairstyle when taking the hair-up, using a different position when tying your hair. Changing the hair-up position regularly will help the hair strands from weakening and should stop the breakage.

Regarding the keratin treatments; on your fine, fragile hair this treatment is questionable, but a really good stylist would be the best person to advise you before applying any chemicals.

However, there is another solution. My lifelong passion and speciality was to design beautiful hairstyles, especially for women with fine, frizzy hair. In almost all cases I persuaded my clients with fine hair to have their hair cut into a short manageable style, which also enhanced their facial structures. I also taught them how to blow-dry their hair at home and during salon visits.       

A really talented dedicated stylist can design and style your hair as well as teach you how to take care of your hair at home, depending on your face shape a nice soft chin length bob with a fringe (Bangs) would be easier to manage and maintain. The benefit is that with a good cut and some professional hair treatments you should be able to then have a keratin treatment which will therefore be a success rather than a mess. Your hair would look much thicker than when it is long and you most probably will look fresher and younger as a bonus - maybe it is time to consider a new you!

Alternatively, it may not be necessary to have a keratin treatment at all! If your stylist is a good cutter as well as a blow-drying expert, they can teach you how to blow-dry your own hair during salon visits - using only large, round natural bristle brushes (nylon or other fibre brushes will NOT get the frizz out).    

I always used large and medium sized natural round bristle brushes and made sure my clients had the same material I used at home, which is essential for you to be able to achieve the shiny finish yourself - it will be well worth you to spend some time practising blow-drying. I taught all my clients and they all managed to become masters doing it. It was the best advert for my salon because my client’s hair looked amazing all the time.

You will need a large, round natural bristle brush and a good professional hairdryer with a slim nozzle, the nozzle is important to help keep the frizz down.

The secret for your success is to find a stylist who is brilliant in blow-drying and who can also teach you. I wish you the very best of luck and hope this will help you to achieve a beautiful ‘new you’ very soon!

Pierre Alexandre, Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

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