My hair is changing for the worse with split ends and breakage!

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My hair has always been brittle but recently I have started noticing a significant change for the worse. I have my hair cut and within one day of having it cut every single strand of hair splits and breaks off when I touch it!

I have never chemically treated my hair or dyed it. I have it cut every four weeks and it just does not get any better. My hair was long but within a month it had snapped so badly that I had to cut it short, and it continues to break further.

I had micro link extensions put in to hide the fact that my hair is destroyed. I can see that there is hair growth but it does not show because it just breaks. As a full time model I am seriously worried. Please help,

Anon, Africa

Hi there in Africa,

Not knowing if your hair is Afro or not it is difficult to diagnose your problem, but from the sound of what you write it could be your diet, you are what you eat. I have pasted a link below for you to read, it’s about food which can help nourish the hair and enable it to grow:

However, adding extensions can damage your hair and the new growth. They will definitely help with the length and/or thickness but it is not the answer to your problem.

You need the right nutrition for better hair health!

Also check what tools your hairdresser uses when cutting your hair. Razors and scissors which are not sharp can tear the hair and can cause breakage, but I believe you are what you eat and the lack of the right foods can take its toll on the hair.

I wonder if you have ever had your hair chemically straightened as this could also be the cause, or hair pieces which models occasionally wear - the pins which hold the hair in place could cut into your hair ends.

I suggest you try using strong deep penetrating hair treatments such as the Alterna Caviar Range. These can repair very dry porous hair I believe Alterna is available in certain parts of Africa or you can order them online.

Maybe it would be advisable for you to see a Trichologist in the area where you live. Trichologists are hair doctor scientists who can go into far greater depth by testing your hair. I wonder how good your skin is; hair and skin are closely related. It would do you no harm to also see your doctor who should be able to recommend you to a specialist.

I know from my experience that many professional models do not eat healthily due to them needing to keep very slim. As I mentioned before I do believe your diet is most probably causing the damage.

I do hope this helps you                                                                                                                                               

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

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