My hair is damaged and thinning due to previous extensions, what are my options?

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I have had hair extensions since December in my long dark brown hair. I had maintenance in February and had a new set put in on the same day they were removed in March. I didn't like the hair so the whole lot was replaced in April, which still wasn’t right, so I had them all completely removed in May.

The back of my hair is really thin now with a lot of hair loss right from the roots. I am wearing clip-in extensions, even to work during the day as my hair is so thin. I have had semi-permanent dyes done when the extensions were in and it now looks awful, like a bad home dye job (which it is).

What would you recommend colour wise and style wise? I hate short hair so that’s not an option but I'm pretty much up for anything which will make me look glamorous and classy including highlights or a complete change of colour if you think that will help. I'm 45 years old but so is Kylie Minogue - so don't make me look like an old doll LOL,


Anon, Northern Ireland

Because you have had a lot of hair extensions your hair has weakened, this is partly due to the lack of oxygen to the hair. Another problem with extensions is the taught application which pulls on the hair follicle even more. I suggest you have a shorter styled look and continue using clip-ins until the quality of your hair has improved and is strong enough to carry the weight of the extensions.

Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director of Joseph Koniak and Eleven Hair, London


Such a shame you and your hair have been through such a rough time! And I understand how it can get you down. The best advice firstly would be to start resting and repairing the hair, as you've had a lot of work done over the last year and the last thing the hair needs is more stress from chemicals. I know it sounds like a boring plan, but it's really important to treat the hair with reconstructive treatments which work on the hair, right from the core to the outer layer. Something like Bumble & Bumble's Mending treatment range would be ideal - they're like antibiotics for the hair and you just use them for the period it takes to restore the natural elasticity and condition.

You can go back to them as often as necessary if the condition starts suffering again. Then once the hair is strong enough, you can be more creative with the colour again and try some rich highlights to bring back the WOW factor. Good luck!

Zara, senior stylist and colourist at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

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