My hair is fine, frizzy and thinning, how can I combat this?

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My hair has been falling out over the past year. I don't have bald spots but my hair has become very thin and I wear it in a bun everyday to disguise it. Would you be able to help me? My hair is thin and frizzy. When it was long I always straightened it to wear it down. I don't know if going shorter would help but I need professional advice.

Many thanks,

Anon, UK

You are not alone with your hair condition. I have over 50 years hair experience and specialised in fine, thin hair - making it look fuller and in good condition.

Frizzy, fine hair is a challenge for any hairstylist, and the key is to find a good stylist that specialises in your hair type. The best way to find such a stylist is when you’re out and about; keep an eye out for women with nice haircuts that you like and simply ask them who cut their hair. It is always the best way to find a good stylist.

There are also some amazing products on the market now and available through the Internet which specialise in fine, frizzy hair such as Alterna, Philip Kingsley and Tony Maleedy. All three produce specialised hair products which actually work. A stimulating scalp mask will also be worth a try as this will strengthen the hair shaft.

However, if I may suggest to you to have your hair cut short as this will help stop the pulling on your hair and therefore will strengthen the hair shaft. There are many beautiful short hairstyles available which a good stylist can create for you.

I do hope my answer will help you. It takes a big step forward to make an improvement on your hair.

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

I always think it’s important that you realise that your hair is like fabric. If you put it under too much pressure, i.e. over styling, ironing or even tying it up too tight, the hair can become weak and fragile.

It sounds to me like you hair needs some TLC. A good graduated hair cut to promote fullness is a great start; also a course of reconstructive treatments to help replenish moisture levels will really benefit you.

I hope this helps!

Trae, Head Stylist at Browns, Dumfries

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