My hair is very unevenly coloured, how can I correct this?

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I have dark brown hair and had blonde highlights done so that I am now a full blonde on the top half. The bottom half however is brown, even after visiting the hairdressers ten times to get it blonde! They said it is because of the red I previously had in my hair.

My hair is now uneven, if I put a brown on top of my blonde will my whole hair be one shade or will the brown eventually fade? What can I do to make my hair all one colour?

Thank you,

Anon, UK

So you have two options as to what to do about your hair colour. First, if you want to stay blonde then have a full head of highlights to combat the two tone effect that you have going on. I am not sure why it is still brown underneath if they have done it ten times. Ask whether you could have a lighter blonde through the underneath layers of the hair to lighten it and try to even it up to the level of the top.

If you are fed up with the up-keep of being blonde and want to return to your brunette locks then be prepared for it fading on the top area quicker than the underneath. If you think of lightened hair like a sponge it will take on colour but then lose it fast as you shampoo it. After a couple of applications this should slow down and hold its depth and tone better. A word of warning though, if you choose to be darker and then want to go back blonde immediately this will damage the hair and no colour will look good on hair that has been over processed.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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