My highlights are uneven, please help!

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I had my hair coloured about a week ago, I wanted a chocolate brown which is close to my natural colour, and instead I got a very dark brown that almost looks black.

I thought some blonde highlights would help, however I was afraid to say gold as I have gotten red in the past which I don't want, I want gold so I said yellow, which is what I got.

There are some orange pieces in my bangs on the side of my head and in the back, the highlights are also not even, there are a lot more on one side than the other.


I am supposed to get more highlights tomorrow to balance it out, if I want them more golden can they do something to fix the colour of the ones I have, and how do I get rid of the orange?


Anon, Italy

Ciao  Italia,

You do need help! May I suggest you re-think your appointment with the hairdresser who did your colour. It sounds to me that unfortunately who ever gave you the dark brown colour did not make a colour test before applying the whole colour. May I suggest you Goggle the Internet looking for your nearest specialist hair colouring salon and take on-site professional advice.

Talk straight with your hairdresser, tell him/her precisely what you like to look like, what colour you like and take some picture cut outs from magazines of hair colours of celebrities you like, it is one of the best way to communicate your dream and wish to a hairdresser or colourist. Another way to find a good hairdresser is to look at women who you work with or when your out and about, and ask a stranger if you like their colour or style who is their hairdresser, it is the best recommendation you can get.

I am sorry I cannot advice you better, you do have a small disaster on your head on the sound of your message, a professional salon should be able to give you the best on the spot advice.

I do hope this will help a little.
Good luck,
Arrivederci  Pierre

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Greater Manchester 

The damage may already been done I am afraid. Blonde highlights are fine to do for years and years, however when we colour over them, especially with the colourist's nightmare (home hair colourant in black shades) it becomes very tricky to get it back to anything gorgeous.

The process that your hair needs to go through is quite big, the black pigment needs to be removed with a colour remover then a suitable brown colour needs to be applied over it to get an even result. However as there is bleach underneath all the black then it may be dry so I suggest a hair cut and a few deep conditioning treatments.

This is a job for the professionals and I strongly suggest you go visit a colourist who enjoys performing colour corrections.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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