My highlights have gone the wrong colour, can I fix this myself?

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I recently had highlights put in at my local hairdressers, I wanted golden blonde but instead she gave me a brown mixed with a very light almost white blonde! 

I really don’t want to spend more money fixing it so is there any way I could use a hair dye from a shop over the highlights, or would it turn out horrible mess? 


Naomi, Northern Ireland

I would recommend going back to your hairdresser and explaining why you are unhappy with your highlights. We don’t like our clients being unhappy with our work! Take some pictures with you of how you imagined your hair; it may have been that during the consultation, you both had different ideas on the outcome. Colouring your hair at home may cause you more problems and you may just end up back at the hairdressers to correct it. Half a head of Highlights at HOB salons start from £60.50.

Faye Turner, HOB Salons’ Creative Colour Director  

Your best bet is to not touch it yourself at all, as yes it could turn out a horrible mess. But I would ask to speak to your hairdresser and go armed with some photos of what you were originally wanting. They may just need to put a glaze or toner over the hair that will turn the white highlights into a golden blonde.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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