My highlights have more dark tones running through them, how can I correct this?

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Hi Hair Doctors,

I had my hair highlighted and went for my usual roots retouch but my hairdresser has put more dark tones through!

Can I return to my previous blonde highlights?

Thank you,

Anon, UK

You should be able to return to your usual blonde tones no problem. If you can wait till your next appointment then I would ask whether you can have the colour you had before the darker set of highlights.

This shouldn't be too difficult as all they are doing is re-highlighting the old colour.  If you are really unhappy with it and want it doing straightaway then just speak to your colourist and see if they can just lift out the deeper tones and it should be quite simple. I would try and wait however until you are due for your next colour as over time this colour will fade and it will be easier to change.

Remember to keep your hair healthy and use moisture and protein treatments to keep your hair looking its best.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks

This is quite a common problem with highlights that have been placed on a tint. Highlights in my opinion should be applied prior to the tinting service if the level is as dark as a 4 or next time if you and your technician has time you should have the regrowth colour applied, developed and then developed for the highlights to be applied to a fresh colour.

However if you feel this isn't right for you at the moment you can always pop back to the salon and I'm sure your technician will be more than happy to reapply the foils in the reddish areas for a cleaner result .

Hope that helps,
Yours sincerely Maria.B

Maria Brand at Cobella

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