My stylist attempted the Ombre look and it has gone wrong, help!

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I decided I wanted the Ombre effect on my hair, so I went to a stylist who basically didn't understand the whole Ombre idea and the way I wanted it!

The point is; I hate it! She basically dyed my roots a dark brown and then bleached my ends and almost my whole hair, I wanted the bleach to be more on the ends not so much on top! Plus the bleach made my hair look an orange/yellow colour which is NOT wearable.

What would happen if I added a light brown all over colour, or any type of brown to the bleached area? Would it cover the orange/yellow?

I need help ASAP!! Please could you give me any advice! I basically want to cover it so the light parts stay under my ears, and I want to be able to cover the bleach above my ears with a dye!

Any advice you can give will be much appreciated!

Thank you,

Summer, Los Angeles

This sounds like a bit of a colour dilemma. Unfortunately there must have been a miscommunication between you and the colourist. I think you should go back to the stylist armed with a few pictures of the Ombre effect that you want, this should be helpful.

I wouldn't suggest colouring it at home as this will be a bit tricky in getting it even and not patchy. The colour technique should look effortless and very natural but it does take a degree of skill and practice in getting it right.

When you go see them, explain how unhappy you are and I am guessing they would correct it for you free of charge.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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