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Hi there,

Sounds like you have a build up of old colour on top of new colour, which can neutralise each other and leave a drab overall look.  There is nothing like a change of style and look to lift your confidence with your hair. For your face shape, avoid layering the hair as layering will remove weight. You need to effectively build weight up with graduation, to curve the shape of your haircut, softening the longer shape in your face. 

If the hair colour used to be dark with blonde highlights but now it has another dark tint on top of it all and more lightness put through it, the hair can get overlapped and the same hair gets lightened. My suggestion would be to have a shiny, polished overall colour, one which is a semi that will gradually lighten, naturally, but give the hair that condition it needs.

Nelson Brown, Browns


To warm up your colour and complement your skin tone, I would stay away from red and go for a chocolate base colour with honey, caramel and gold pieces through it. The multi-tonal colour will have a thickening effect by creating light and shadow in your hair. Your dark colour will need removing first to achieve this look, which can have a drying/damaging effect on the hair, so make sure you have a strand test done first to ensure your condition will allow for the process.

Afterwards, use a repairing shampoo and treatment masque, such as L'Oréal Serie Expert Absolut Repair shampoo and masque.

Michelle Lawley, Royston Blythe


I think we are in need of a colour and style pick me up here! I would think that with a long face and fine hair, you should have a heavy, 'swingy' medium to short-length style with not too much layering as this removes weight from the hair and makes it appear finer.  The colour I think should move away from a dark base with lighter pieces as when a colour is too dark and heavy it can often appear muddy and murky. Like when you mix too many paint colours together and you get a dark, murky nothing type hue.

If I had blue/grey eyes, I would play them up to their full advantage and go for a neutral to mahogany/gold type of colour with just a few highlights around the focal points of the hair cut.  Keeping it simple with just one or two colours teamed with a fantastic cut will look amazing.

John Clark, Brooks+Brooks 


It sounds like your base colour is too dark for your complexion and is making you look a little drained.

I would suggest asking your stylist to apply a full head of micro-lights to your hair rather than a base colour as this has probably built up too much on your ends and I’d assume your hair now looks dull.

The micro-lights will subtly lift your hair and create a more multi-tonal look.

I would avoid red as to create this look you would need to cleanse your hair which will not help the condition.  Also if your face is a little blotchy it could already have some red pigment in it, which wouldn’t be flattered by a red tone.  With fine hair and a long face I would suggest a choppy mid-length cut to create volume and accentuate your features rather than dragging them down.

Maria Brand, Cobella 


Hair: Paul Edmonds and Clare Lodge
Photography: Armin Weishet

Dear Hair Doctor,

I am at the end of my tether with my hair. I used to have it dark with a lot of blonde streaks, but now my hairdresser comes round and I have it dark brown with very few blonde bits. It looks unhealthy and I feel the dark is too dark and makes me look harsh! I want a colour or colours to warm up my face, I have bluey/grey eyes with medium skin, but my face gets quite blotchy. I was going to go red but thought I would ask what colour you would recommend to warm the face. My hair is also fine and I have a long face so wondered what style would be best too.

Many thanks,

Anon, UK

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