Should I get highlights to conceal my grey hair?

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I have very dark brown (almost black) hair, with an olive/sallow complexion and I am 32. I have been getting greys since I was 16 (hereditary), and my problem is that I have many greys at the moment and have very thick hair and lots of it, which grows extremely quickly.

I get my roots done at a salon every four weeks, but have really visible roots by week three. I am considering mixing up my own colour and doing it from home now as I don't know what to do and going to the hairdresser twice a month isn't working.

Should I get highlights or go much lighter? I don't like box dyes, and I have used coloured dry shampoo to hide some of the hairs and a colour stick - but I have so much hair that it takes ages.

My current hair colour is a reddish brown.

Please help!

Anon, UK

This is a tricky one. If you go much lighter with your colour then you will still be stuck with the same amount of maintenance and root touch-ups. Plus, if you go for highlights through your dark hair then you might not get the full coverage you are after, as highlights don't completely mask all the white hairs.

You could get your colourist to add some lighter pieces through the areas where the concentration of white is at its most, and then carry on applying your base colour. This could camouflage the regrowth slightly.

I really don't suggest colouring your hair at home, especially if you have white hair to cover and dark hair to lighten.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London

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