Should I go back to my old hairdresser?

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I had my hair highlighted three months ago where they used a lot of foils, which was great. I just went to another hairdresser to have the same done where she used the normal amount of foils, which I was used to seeing. However, now you can see the growth from the old highlights and the new highlights hardly show!

Should I go back or is it because the old hairdresser was just really good and over generous with foils. It cost me £96, so not exactly happy that I can see the old highlights. Obviously I’m going to go back to the old hairdresser next time! 

Anon, UK


It sounds like your old hairdresser was using a method known as ‘back to back’ to apply as many foils as possible.

Your most recent hairdresser has either not used the same technique or not used a product with enough lift to match your mid-length and ends, or possibly both. This has resulted in a ‘shadow’ where previous highlights have grown out and new ends have been added.

You could go back and explain that you are unhappy and see what they could offer you. Your other option, is as you suggested, stick with your original hairdresser as she knows your hair history and knows what you like.

Lucy Ferguson, John Olivers (Norwich)

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