The ends of my hair are very dry and matted looking, what can I do to improve the condition?

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I have long hair which is nearly down to my waist. I have it highlighted and cut every eight weeks; however the ends (two inches from the bottom) are very dry and look matted. There doesn’t seem to be many split ends, can you please advise me on how to get my hair back in top condition and why this may be happening?

Thank you,

Leigh, Essex

It may be that the colour is starting to tire the hair slightly, this is normal on hair this length. Also, sun, heat and even combing and brushing can take its toll and such long hair.

A hydrating conditioning treatment would be advisable once a week until the hair starts to feel smoother again. Make sure your colour isn't going through to the ends of the hair when it’s done every eight weeks.

You may also want to have a little more cut off than you normally do to get rid of those tender ends. This would be the solution to your problem.

Hope that helps,

Nelson Brown of browns in Dumfries

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