Pierre Alexandre

Pierre Alexandre

Always a step ahead of the trends and quite literally has been making waves in the world of hairdressing for over for 50 years, Pierre Alexandre is a world renowned hairdresser and educator for good reason.

He is credited with inventing the soft face framing 'Halo' style-cut in the 60s, a forerunner of his ‘Intercut’ made famous in the 80s. With his love of hair colour, Pierre introduced what was to become known as the Foil Highlighting technique and coined the words 'hair colourist' and 'unisex salon'.

Ever the entrepreneur, Pierre also operated London’s renowned Studio 17 film and photography studio, where dozens of pop stars shot their music videos in the 1980s. As a result Pierre became known as the world’s first 'Rock Star Hairstylist' having designed Rod Stewart’s spiky haircut, David Bowie's look and trimmed the Beatles hair before their first big media interview, plus countless other stars and celebrities. With a client list that reads like the Oscar’s guest list, Pierre is no stranger to A-list styling.

Over the course of his globetrotting career Pierre has appeared in over 1,800 beauty shows demonstrating his unique cutting, styling and colouring techniques to hairdressers throughout Japan, Europe, Asia and North and South America, representing leading professional product companies. As a Beauty Ambassador Pierre has made numerous television and radio program appearances around the globe and was the first hairdresser to host his own television lifestyle show. As you might imagine Pierre’s work over the years has appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines, including GQ, Tattle, Hairdressers Journal, Hair Flair, Swiss Hair, Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

In the course of his amazing creative career, Pierre has inspired and encouraged both young and seasoned hairdressers, and in doing so has made a difference for the better in all our professional lives. As an Ambassador of Beauty and through the mass media he continues to encourage the general public to visit a hairdressing salon, and in doing so helped fill the chairs of the stylists he has touched and inspired.

Presently, Pierre resides in Spain where he is writing his biography and reinventing his career as a motivational speaker and hair trend historian.