Thinning Hair! Is there anything I can do to stop this?

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My hair falls out quite a lot after each wash and I have noticed it’s thinning. Is there anything I can do to stop this, as it is depressing me? 

Tracey, Kent  


Hello Tracey,

Firstly, there are many reasons why hair might fall out, for example taking certain medications which can affect not just hair, but also nails and skin condition too. Diet, lifestyle and stress can all lead to hair loss. If you don't brush your hair very frequently, then on the occasions you do it can loosen the hairs that would normally be shed on a daily basis and can appear as if more hair is being lost than usual.

Firstly, don't panic. A good tip would be to invest in a range of products which are specifically formulated to help you get your hair back into a strong and healthy condition.

It may also be worth taking a hair supplement daily, like Viviscal, which you can buy from stores like Holland and Barret - used together with a shampoo, conditioner and treatment range like Nioxin, you can really thicken and strengthen the hair, helping to prevent hair loss by up to 70%.

Finishing off your styling regime with products like Bumble&bumble's Thickening range, can help with the appearance of your hair in the meantime.

It's hard to prescribe the correct treatment without physically seeing your hair, the texture of it and growth patterns, so it's really worth going to a good salon and asking for a complimentary consultation so they can advise what would be best for your specific situation.

Thanks and good luck

 Linzi King, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton  

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