What can I put over my bleached hair to help with the condition?

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I went from dyed black hair to a number 7 base with Highlights, (over a long period of time) I would like to know what I can put over the top of it to help the condition as the Bleach has dried out my hair!

I have trolled your site all morning reading the Hair Doctor so I know not to put on another box dye, I bought 11.0 ultra blonde to use and you have previously said not to put box dye over bleached hair, so thank you for that advice!

I just want to add an all over colour or Toner that would add shine and maybe make it feel better too? Can you suggest something?

Thank you,

Marjorie, UK

Dear Marjorie,

I understand your problem, my advice is to try this new colour which is Ammonia free from L’Oreal named “INOA”. INOA is only available from salons who stock L’Oreal, these colours give hair maximum shine and condition. The great news is you can buy after-care home Shampoos and conditioners as well as hair masques, which are deep penetrating treatments that condition and repair the hair.

Alternatively, try my ten step home recipe:
(1) Find fresh Nettles, these grow everywhere in gardens or fields.
(2)  Whilst wearing rubber gloves bundle a bunch together and tie with string, hang the bunch upside down in a dark dry place until the nettles have totally dried out.
(3) Prepare some very fine muslin cloth and cut  into five-inch squares.
(4) Have small rubber bands near-by.
(5) Now take the dried nettles and crumble them up onto a large piece of paper, add one large soup spoon full of dried nettles onto the centre of each cloth square you pre-cut and tie it together into a little bundle with the small rubber band.
(6) Make around 12 bundles.
(7) Now boil fresh water in a kettle and pour the hot water into a large jar, add three of the nettle bundles into the hot water and let it cool for a around 20 minutes.
(8) Wash your hair with a good shampoo and rinse well.
(9) Poor the cooled nettle water over your hair slowly and comb it with a large comb during the pouring period.
(10) This natural conditioner brings shine and softness to your hair, best leave the hair to dry naturally the first time so you can see the result immediately. If you use a lot of heat to style your hair try reducing the heat a little. This helps keep your hair looking beautifully soft and shiny at all times. Nettles contain natural healing powers and can also be used as tea for some ailments.

I hope this helps,
Good luck, Pierre

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre,  Manchester

As you know, when we lift artificial colour out of the hair and go lighter we are putting it through quite a bit of chemical processing and stress.

I can't recommend any colour that is going to make it feel any better or give it shine as this is just further chemical processing.

Instead I suggest that you invest in a care programme for your hair, shampoos conditioners and treatments that all moisturise are essential. Also there is an in-salon treatment that is great for putting protein back into the strands, this is called Biolustre and works by rebuilding the hair from the inside out.

If you go speak to a colourist they may be able to offer a vegetable colour that just adds a slight glaze to the hair. L'Oreal Chromative is a good option.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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