What is the best low-maintenance way to hide grey hair?

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I have medium brown hair, but I am starting to notice several grey hairs coming through, especially if I put my hair in a half-up style.

My hair is thin and long and breaks easily. What would be the best way to camouflage the greys and is also low maintenance?

Thank you,

Anon, South Africa

Hello there in South Africa,

I researched a special shampoo for you that will help add volume to your fine hair - here is the website: http://www.philipkingsley.co.uk/fine-textured-hair/philip-kingsley-body-building-shampoo.html

Regarding your white hair, which has started to to annoy you, I would recommend a semi-permanent colour to start with matching your own hair colour. Once your white comes through more it will be better to apply a permanent tint.

However, you must go to a reputable hairdressing salon in your area that knows about colour and has the passion to look after your fine hair. I know millions of women who have fine hair and love it long, but the true fact is the longer the hair the more pulling, encouraging split ends.

May I suggest you ask your stylist to cut your hair into a fashionable short bob, there are many types of bob to suit different face shapes and fine hair. The new bob fashions are inspired by the new Great Gatsby film. Have a look at some of the styles worn in that film as well as browse the internet to find your perfect style.

I send you my warmest regards from the UK,

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

The best option to camouflage your first greys and to boost shine and volume in your hair is to go for a long lasting semi-permanent colour. Using a shade that matches your natural colour will ensure it looks subtle but will boost the lustre of your locks no end!

I would opt for DiaRichesse by L'Oreal Professionnel. Applied by a hair colourist your hair will look fantastic.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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