What type of haircut will enhance my natural wave and volume whilst keeping it long?

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I have medium-thickness, long hair that is generally quite straight if left to its own devices, though it does have some natural wave to it. I'd really like a haircut that can enhance the natural wave and volume in my hair whilst keeping it fairly long. What would you suggest?

Anon, UK

Often long hair can look a little lifeless if it is not well conditioned and maintained. When hair is long it pulls down and affects the natural movement. Therefore it is advisable to try different lengths and implement layers and forward graduation, which is shape around the face that creates a lighter feeling in the hair. The other option is to have a digital perm, only if your hair is in a virgin state (not coloured), which allows for natural looking movement whilst maintaining all your length.

Best of Luck,

Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director of Joseph Koniak and Eleven Hair, London

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