Why does my hair never seem to grow?

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My hair never seems to grow!! I’ve tried so many treatments and products but it never helps. My hair is above my shoulders and weightless. I’m forever straightening it as it always flicks out due to no weight.

I’m thinking of getting extensions but I have just been told about the Halo.

Please help, what can I do?

Rachel, Hayes

This is a very common complaint! I’m sure your hair is growing but due to its fragile nature the length you gain at the root area is probably diminished by the hair breakage through the ends, hence seeing no real gain in length.

I would recommend firstly getting a strong hair cut, such as a one length sharp bob or similar, to help make the hair strong and appear thicker (this should reduce the flicking too). Then invest in a strengthening treatment such as the JOICO K Pack range. I would also say you lay off the irons for a while until your hair’s strength is restored.

Do some research online and find a reputable salon that specialises in hair extensions/halo and go for a consultation. Great Lengths are a good ethical extension company to think about if you do go for the hair extension option.

Hope this helps!

Simon Daniel, Salon Director of Belle Toujours, Cardiff


You can rest assured your hair will grow - that’s what it’s designed to do! Maybe using the heat on it as much as you do isn’t such a good idea! Irons can distress the cuticle and halt growth. Have you tried Nioxin shampoo and conditioner range? It’s designed to stimulate the hair growth under the skin, they are fantastic products.

Also, reading your description of your hair, I would suggest you have a long length shape haircut to increase weight in the hair. Stay away from layers! Clients seem to think this gives them volume but it’s a myth!  Believe me; the clients I have helped have seen real results.

Nelson Brown of browns, Dumfries 

Everyone's hair grows to a certain length and sometimes never seems to get any longer. Whilst some people can achieve Rapunzel like locks, others seem to never get past their shoulder blades.

There are a few helpful tips that I can give you to help you on your quest for longer hair. Firstly stop straightening it, putting your hair through so much intense heat is certainly not going to do it any favours in terms of breakage.

Try and see if there are any supplements you can take from a health food store to boost the nutrients that are needed for healthy hair growth, it’s surprising how much these can help.

I don't recommend hair extensions as these place tension onto the hair and can cause traction alopecia, and they also just don't look good in my opinion.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London

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