Why is my hair not taking a perm?

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Can you perm on top of a root perm if the crown of your hair is virgin hair, even through the hair has had a perm previously from two years ago and still has colour on the mid-ends of the hair?

I recently had a soft loose perm done four weeks ago. The bottom of my hair took well to the perm, but the crown of my hair where it is straight and virgin didn't take - it was flat. After a week I was advised by the hair technician to have a root perm, yet the roots are still flat. I don't know what to do and it looks terrible!

I also had a haircut to see if the top would spring up, but it was still flat. I was told that I would have to redo the root perm for the third time, or colour the top of my hair or cut more layers. I have always had perms, and this is the first time it has gone wrong!

Is there a way I can rectify the situation without damaging my hair and avoiding a third root perm? What I do know is that I had a Clynol perm previously, and this time I think they used L'Oreal Dulcia Advanced Force 1 Natural, which is why it may have not taken to the top part of my hair? Is that possible?

Please help!

Anon, UK

Thank you for your message and I would like to offer my advice to hopefully help you achieve the desired look that you originally wanted.

I am sorry to hear that your perm didn’t take the way it normally does, this is most likely caused by the change in products or the incorrect perm may have been used. Perms come in two types, acid perms, which aren’t as strong and are used for fine or damaged hair, or alkaline perms, which are stronger. Due to the fact you have already had two perm treatments, my professional opinion is not to have a third perm for at least two months, in which time I advise you to either come into the salon for a treatment or I can recommend a product at home to help restore the condition of the hair.

I know that you want your hair to have that beautiful movement and curl that a perm gives, so I would like to offer you a solution that will hopefully help you until your hair is ready to have another perm. I would like to invite you to the salon to have a set using perm rods and setting lotion, which will give you the curl you want to achieve. This will also allow me to have a look at the condition of your hair and then give further advice on aftercare if needed.

I hope this advice has helped you.

Kind regards,  

Luke Howard, Technician at Joseph Koniak, London

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