Why is my recent perm not curly?

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I recently got a Perm and it's not curly at all. My stylist used bigger rods because I have long hair, so I have hardly any curl at all and really frizzy, knotty hair. What should I do?

Thank you,

Leslie, Kentucky, USA


If it's frizzy then your hair is asking for moisture, so hydrate the hair with a good conditioning mask. Moroccanoil have an excellent one called hydrate.  

Secondly, when you dry your hair make sure you use a diffuser. When diffusing, put your hair into the diffuser head, have it on a medium heat and don't touch your hair too much as this displaces the hair and makes it frizzy.  

Once it's totally dry, use your fingers to dress the curl out, but be gentle! Only touch what needs to be touched. The main thing clients get wrong when drying curls is they over touch the hair or use a comb, both are not a good idea - curls like to be free and not combed or brushed.  

Continued use of the conditioning mask will make the hair smooth down and feel better.

Nelson Brown of browns in Dumfries

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