Will my hair go green if I dye it back?

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My hair is long in length and an ash brown colour with previous blonde dip-dye and partial red dip-dye. I did 'bronde' highlights myself and it looks bad. One side is very patchy and it flushes me out.

 I would like to dye it back to as close to my natural hair colour as possible, but I am afraid that this is not achievable and that hair can go green because of the blonde highlights.

Will my hair go green if I dye it back?

Thank you

Jade, Cornwall

Hi Jade,

I'd recommend pre-pigmenting your hair first with a warmer colour; perhaps a dark brown with a hint of red in it, before putting the black all over. This gives a base for the darker colour to cling to and will create a more even result. Adding the red will also counteract the black so that your hair won't have a green tinge to the final colour.

I'd always recommend getting it done professionally in a salon, particularly if you have a build-up of box colour on your hair, because the residue may affect the colour that the hair goes, even if it seems that you've washed it all out. Go for a colour consultation and they'll probably take a strand test to see if the hair needs cleansing or whether you can dye straight over the top.

Good luck.

Alice Gazagnes, SWH Team Senior Stylist & Colourist, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

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