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Salon social marketing: 7 tips for attracting over 45s

As the fastest-growing segment of the population, consumers over the age of 45 are a key audience for businesses to target. Yet, many salons still fail to market to this demographic effectively. Alice Kirby, founder of the Salon Social Club, offers seven tips to help you successfully market to this age group on your salon social media.

“Brands should celebrate [older consumers] because from a strict marketing perspective they are a highly valuable audience.” – Hugh Pile, former CMO at L’Oréal

Does your business still fall for the old clichés when it comes to marketing to clients in their 40s, 50s and 60s?

Or worse – do you not even bother to target them?

If so, you’re missing out on some seriously profitable business.

Why? Well, just for starters, over 45s tend to have more disposable income and more leisure time.

#1. Show not tell

Let’s remind ourselves who inspires this age group. Here’s a stunning 57-year-old Elizabeth Hurley strutting her stuff on Insta. While Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson rocks at 58.

While Angelina Jolie (47), Kristin Davis (58), J.Lo (53) and Nicole Kidman (55) all embrace their age and are killing it on social.

Now, with these gorgeous over 45s in mind, look at your recent social posts. Do they all feature images of young clients? Do you just showcase the latest styles and treatments that are most popular with 20-somethings?

If so, then you need a marketing rethink.

Images of more mature clients (with their permission, of course) should be added regularly to your social media marketing. Consider which styles, treatments, and looks will appeal to the over 45s and use inspiring images and client case studies to really sell them.

#2. Get all your team onboard

It’s often younger team members who are given the job of updating social media and, understandably, their focus tends to be on your younger clients.

Instead, get all your team involved on your salon social. Shine the spotlight on your more mature team members to show potential clients that your salon welcomes all age groups. Advice Stories, unboxing Reels, and videos of these team members with their clients all tick the marketing box.

#3. Partner with local social media influencers

Team up with a local influencer who falls within the age bracket you are targeting. They can help promote your salon and services to their followers and build trust with their peers.

#4. Choose a variety of topics

Cover a range of topics on your salon social, not just ones that appeal to a younger audience. How about advice on retinol, the menopause, covering grey or laser rejuvenation treatments.

#5. User-generated content

Your younger clients don’t need much persuading to share their gorgeous new nails or hair colour on their personal social media, but older clients can be ‘shy’. Encourage the over 45s to share photos of their new looks on their personal social media accounts by offering to take photos on their phone before they leave your salon. And don’t forget to ask them to @mention your salon and tag you in.

#6. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing

Older clients tend to value experience, quality service and personal connections, so reviews and testimonials from happy clients are a powerful marketing tool on social.

Members: The Good Salon Guide’s independent star rating is known and trusted by consumers across the UK. Regularly include photos of your star rating signage and refer to your rating in your social captions to ensure you stand out from your local competition.

#7. Promote relaxation and self-care

Older clients are often looking for a relaxing and comfortable salon experience. Highlight the relaxing and luxurious environment of your salon on salon social and emphasise the importance of self-care for this demographic.

By following these tips, you can successfully market to the over 45s on social (and beyond) and tap into a profitable audience that values experience, quality service, and personal connections.

Hair & beauty marketing specialist Alice Kirby can be found at Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing and the Salon Social Club.