A Clay That Does it All

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Needing extra definition without weight? Organic Colour Systems Control Clay is the must have hairstyling product.

Whether you are looking for a matte look that adds thickness and structure, or perhaps you have a curly hairdo that you want to add volume to without weight, Clay does it all! Its strong hold properties also mean that it will hold your style all day long.

Formulated with certified organic and natural ingredients, Control Clay is especially soothing for irritated or sensitive scalps, whilst also being hassle free and easy to use.

Organic Colour Systems Control Clay is formulated with two types of natural clay;

  • Amazonian White Clay, which retains moisture in the hair, absorbs impurities and improves hair strength
  • Bentonite Clay, which helps to gently detox the hair and scalp whilst forming a strong hold

Used as a finishing product or as a pre-styler, Control Clay is the multifunctional must have styling product for any handbag, kit bag or man bag!

Organic Colour Systems Control Clay, RRP £13.95

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