A New Era of Blonde Perfection

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The much loved BLONDME range from Schwarzkopf Professional is now better than ever with revolutionary bonding technology built in.

Bonding technologies are taking the hairdressing world by storm and for good reason. The technology actively transforms damaged, broken and washed out hair by reconnecting and rebuilding the di-sulphide bonds within the hair’s inner structure. It’s no wonder then that in-salon bonding services are quickly “evolving from a simple trend to a must-have in all hair salons”, says Lesley Jennison – Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassador.

From bonding services to integrated in-bonding technology

Schwarzkopf Professional is merging their bonding technology with the BLONDME colour and care range – creating the next generation of products for hairdressers with the patented* Advanced Bonding System built in. Instead of products used specifically for bonding services that require an extra step during the colouring, lightening or lifting process, the new BLONDME helps hairdressers to blonde and bond their clients’ hair in one easy step, while the advanced care range helps to maintain the hair’s repaired condition.

What can the new BLONDME products be used for?

The all-new BLONDME bond enforcing colours and toners cater for all blonde clients whether they want cool, honey, caramel or toffee tones or iridescent, creamy, platinum or bronde looks. The Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Ambassadors: Lesley Jennison – Global Colour Ambassador and hairdresser to Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPherson; and Kim Vō – Global BLONDME Ambassador and hairdresser to Katherine Heigl and Kate Hudson, have devised a series of stunning blonde looks and services for the new BLONDME range.

Lesley Jennison recommends using BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ and BLONDME Toner for dark to blonde colour transformations to give a dazzling, bright, all-over platinum blonde.

Platinum and cool Blondes are a big trend right now. Lesley Jennison opts for BLONDME Bond Enforcing Blonde Lifting to create incredible ice tones. For a sensational iridescent shimmer, light platinum, metal and grey tones can be added using the BLONDME Blonde Toning in amazing pastel tones.

For a less radical look, I add a Caramel Glow to dark hair with BLONDME Bond Enforcing Paint-On-Lightener and BLONDME Bond Enforcing Blonde Highlighting. My clients want their blonde to be bright and beautiful, they want to illuminate. But it’s all about personalising the blonde tones to fit their personality, skin type and eye colour. - Kim Vō.

The variety of looks and services possible with BLONDME helps Kim to personalise and co-create the perfect blonde for his clients.

For pre-coloured or natural blonde hair that is brittle and in need of nourishment, hairdressers can offer an extra intensive bonding service, tailored just for blondes, using our Keratin Restore Intense Care Bonding Potion and Keratin Restore Bonding Mask.

Prolong salon results with BLONDME bonding care at home

The BLONDME Bonding Care range has been expertly developed to work with the BLONDME Bond Enforcing Colours. The gentle care range creates bonds and helps to maintain the phenomenal blonde results. The products are also tailored for either Cool or Warm Blondes. The Tone Enhancing Bonding Shampoo and Tone Enhancing Bonding Mask, work to rebuild and replenish the bonds and enhance the colour results to give maximum shine. For Cool Blondes, there is also the Tone Enhancing Bonding Spray Conditioner.

*patent pending

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