A New Life For Your Hair

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Transform damaged hair into healthy, glossy and strong locks whilst enhancing coloured bases with the new NECTAR range from Sens.ùs, ‘A New Life for your Hair’.

The impressive new range, MC2 NECTAR, is a restorative, eco and vegan friendly range made up of multifunctional products enriched with the prized system of active ingredients from the ARC (Active Revitalising Complex) formula which is used widely in the skincare department due to its outstanding cosmetic results. This range focuses on the sensitive and damaged areas of the hair combining hair colour and care in one service – bringing it back to the levels of virgin hair and ensuring longer lasting colour.

The complete regime starts in salon with the MC2 Recovery for Colours With Ammonia or the MC2 Nectar Restructuring Ammonia Free Cream. These revolutionary products are additives for ammonia or ammonia free colours that provide truly revitalising colour treatments by restructuring the hair to repair where needed and enhancing colour for longer lasting results.

The Recovery for Colours

With Ammonia can be used with colour ranges containing ammonia and the Nectar Restructuring Ammonia Free Cream for colour ranges without ammonia. Clients can continue the recovery regime at home with three products to maintain healthy hair and protect their colour...

  1. The Strengthening Repair Shampoo transforms damaged hair that is prone to breakage using natural and innovative ingredients that strengthens the hairs internal structure. As well as repairing and restoring the hair fibre, it also cleanses the hair gently, leaving locks hydrated and resulting in longer-lasting colour.
  2. The hydrating Strengthening Repair Mask repairs hair deep down using a blend of vegetable amino acids alongside the ARC formula to create bonds with the hair’s keratin structure and leave hair feeling soft and nourished.
  3. The Anti-breakage pH Balancing Repair Spray helps protect hair against damage and breakage whilst enhancing the intensity and duration of colour as well as rebalancing the hair’s natural pH levels.

These three innovative new products can be purchased both separately and as part of a set with the Nectar Recovery Kit.

Nectar Restructuring System is the answer to most requirements that have emerged in hair salons over the past few years ensuring easy application, the chance to provide more than one service at the same time by combining colour and care as well as offering easy products for clients to take home!

As with all Sens.ùs products, both the in-salon and at-home products are manufactured at the brand’s eco-friendly facility in the heart of Tuscany, on the banks of the River Tiber. Ingredients are locally and ethically sourced, as well as being tested and developed in-house by hairstylists to ensure optimum results.

To learn more about Sens.ùs visit www.passion4hair.com. Passion4Hair are proud to support independent salons and stylists by providing one of a kind products alongside their education platform which ensures excellence in technical, creative and business practices.

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