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Salon54 know how much girls love long, beautiful, thick locks, but unfortunately for a lot of us, we can’t achieve them with our own natural hair – whether our hair is too fine, too wispy or it just simply will not grow.

Salon54 owner Colleen Donnelly and her business partner Clare first created Angel Lock Extensions over five years ago. With a passion for hair extensions and loving the way it made their clients look and feel, Colleen and Clare had difficulty finding a good supplier who could consistently supply high quality extensions.

As a result, Colleen and Clare started to look for a supply of extensions direct from the manufacturers. They spent over two years researching and testing different suppliers until they found one that could provide a range of high quality premium hair extensions on a consistent basis. As a result, Salon 54 now offers only the finest Italian, 100% human hair extensions to ensure top results. Angel Lock Extensions can be washed, changed in colour and reused.

The hair is cut from a ponytail and remains in the correct downward direction. This reduces the chance of bad knotting and tangling, meaning your extensions will last longer. As they are also double drawn, the hair is manually checked for any short hairs, and if found these are then removed to ensure that each extension strand is full from top to bottom – no thin ends improves the completed look drastically.

Available in a wide range of colours and with their perfect texture, Angel Lock Extensions will suit a wide variety of hair types. They are easily straightened and hold curls beautifully when heat styled. Whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy, these extensions are extremely adaptable and can fit to match almost any desired look.

Once your desired look has been achieved, you can rest assured knowing that you will be given the upmost professional aftercare. Salon54 stock a leading range of care products that have been designed to beautifully maintain hair extensions as well as your own natural hair. These include shampoos, conditioners, sprays and more with the natural oils and nutrients that hair extensions need, while excluding proteins, sulfates and alcohol that can cause damage.

At Salon54 you will find a dedicated stylist who specialises in the application of hair extensions – what we have become infamous for. And can choose from our huge range of UTip, Flat Tip, Clip-in, Wefts, Tape and many more.

Professional Use

For all you hairdressers and extensionists reading this, Salon54 also offer a VIP Club for those looking to buy in bulk or become regular buyers, which will let you access exclusive discounts.

As an Angel Lock salon, you will have access to their dedicated customer support team who can help you with everything you need concerning your hair extensions, from training and support to looking after your order with same day dispatch and express delivery.

Angel Lock Extensions aim to be one step ahead of your normal hair extensions supplier, and their professional service and quality are built with YOU, their customer, in mind.

If you are interested in stocking the luxurious Angel Lock Extensions for your salon or would like more information, contact the team on [email protected] or call 02887753439 / 07912842622.

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