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Anne Veck’s Sustainability Message


New ventures bring Anne Veck sustainability message to a wider audience.

Anne Veck’s name has become synonymous with sustainability, thanks to her continued efforts to promote eco-friendly solutions to the hair and beauty industry. Having won multiple awards and acknowledgements for her sustainability tool kit, Salon RE:Souce (and it’s freelance version, Freelance RE:Source), Anne and partner Keith Mellen continue to seek out ways to share their message with a wider audience.

Image of Anne Veck and Keith Mellen

The pair have revealed their plans to support respected sustainability consultancy Bemari, promoting their workshops and training courses to hairdressing businesses. Bemari’s initiatives include two three-hour interactive workshop - Climate Fresk, and Biodiversity Collage – covering a multitude of eco concerns, with advice on how to get involved. Carbon Literacy Project, a course about climate change with linked accreditation, is also an option that Keith hopes will inspire industry professionals.

“I’m delighted to have found a like-minded collaborator in Bemari” says Keith. “Business as usual is no longer an option and it’s important to us to be a force for good. We hope to educate and inspire hair and beauty professionals to make positive changes with the planet in mind and partnering with Bemari gives us the potential to reach an even wider audience.”

In addition to this initiative, Anne has also been made an ambassador for Olivia Garden, the professional hairdressing tool brand with a focus on sustainability. The partnership enables Anne to work with tools which meet her strict eco credentials, bringing her creative work and her sustainable values to other hairdressers all over the globe.

Of course, Anne and Keith’s work on Salon RE:Source continues alongside these new commitments, and they hope that the projects will provide priceless insight into new areas for potential inclusion in the toolkit.

“We are constantly striving to bring new innovations and suggestions to Salon RE:Source and I am hopeful that our new ventures will shine a light on areas we haven’t previously covered” says Anne. “Our mission is always to get more people to make changes to their businesses and lifestyles for the good of the planet and I am confident that these projects will help amplify our voices and increase awareness.”