ANTI Launches in UK

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As West End’s most versatile blank canvas, the whited out open space of one of London’s best creative spaces was the ideal environment to gather a unique collective of leaders and influential hairdressers, and fully immerse themselves in the ANTI culture and the collective mindset for change.

Set up like an art gallery, rather than a traditional event space, guests saw first-hand ANTI’s 2019 Global Collection, ‘ANTIFY’, with a tightly curated fashion inspired video bringing it to life beneath the brand’s culture and product messaging from the founders.

The man responsible for bringing about positive change in the industry; ANTI founder, Francesco Ruggerino explained the why behind the brand and the urgent need for a collective mindset, while head of product development, Mercedes Orpin Steinfeld digested the simplistic yet highly active ingredients beyond the no-nonsense luxury brand. ANTI’s Global Creative Director, Nick Irwin juxtaposed the overwhelming sense of business power in the room by finishing the final piece with a creatively driven focus on education, the collection, and the brand’s global DNA.

For ANTI, the UK is the centre of the hairdressing universe, so for the official launch of ANTI’s trade channel we felt it was right to build the brand from London. We are so excited to be here and have the opportunity to work and collaborate with such an inspiring group of creatives, hairstylists and salon owners alike. - Francesco Ruggerino

The ANTIFY approach to the brand and as a collection empowers the industry by creating a sensibility to the hair as opposed to a hairstyle in a box. As such, ANTI’s education core values widely resonate with the consumer. Nick says, “As a brand, do we really know what a consumer wants, but we still create work that is still very much what the hairdresser wants to see. Creating the best version of the individual is the crux of the ANTI and the collection".

The core of the collection heralded around the phenomenon of ‘ANTIFY’ and ANTIFYING hair’ is all about accessibility with attitude - hairdressers traditionally talk about hair in an educational way, but ANTI is about opening minds with a higher sense of energy and intellect, by adding another layer to the foundation skills of hairdressing.

Launching ANTI in the UK is incredibly important to the core values of the brand. It’s my home and heritage, and as ANTI’s Creative Director it is the birthplace of my aesthetic. - Nick Irwin

In a room filled with some of London’s leading names, the ANTI industry leaders event brought to the fore the need for a collective mindset where the ideals of passion meets individuality – core values of the fast growing ANTI collective network.

The launch event was about bringing a collective of hair, fashion and creative friends who are either peers or have helped shape who I am. The evening not only showcased our brand new advertising campaign through image and film, but choosing to simply hang the images and showcase the film in an Art Gallery space was all about letting the images speak for themselves. - Nick Irwin

Above all, ANTI is aesthetically unique - merging style and performance to put the power back into a hairdresser’s hands. To integrate but not dictate and empower people to express their own style. In just a matter of months ANTI has inspired a new realm of luxury and authenticity in haircare, attracting leading artists and savvy consumers.

In a night to remember, and one that the ANTI brand hopes will inspire the leaders in the industry to commit to their core beliefs and values, ANTI is igniting a new movement in hairdressing.

ANTI is a brand that brings people together, initiating positive change in the industry and in the world. - Francesco Ruggerino

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