Are your Clients Uncomfortable at the Backwash?

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The backwash experience is supposed to be blissful. However, hair salon sinks can seriously damage your health. 

Spending several minutes with your neck in an unnatural and uncomfortable position over the basin can trigger a stroke or other injuries. Attaching a HeadBed supportive cushion to the backwash basin is proven to eliminate the risk of serious harm and gives clients added peace of mind.

Many of us have heard or read such horror stories as the one that appeared in The Sun recently involving a 48-year-old Californian woman, who suffered a massive stroke eight days after a trip to her local salon and a ten minute session at the backwash. The devastating medical diagnosis was Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome, which occurs when one of the four main arteries to the brain suffers an injury, tear or blood clot - and hyperextension of the neck is the culprit.

Ergonomically designed and professional looking, HeadBed blends in and brings added safety and comfort to the basin without making a big deal of it by supporting the neck and reducing the angle of tilting below the medically recommended maximum of 20 degrees.

I congratulate you on such an innovative design that focuses on improving safety and comfort.   Degeneration of the small facet joints in the neck are a common cause of neck pain and can be greatly exacerbated by extension of the cervical spine. Everybody has slightly different spinal anatomy and pattern of movement so the spectrum of the type of movement and neck position that will stir up pain is a broad one. What is most impressive therefore is the adjustable nature of the HeadBed according to individual comfort. Dr Gary Couanis, MBBS FRACGP FACSP Grad DipSM

Although such cases are rare, the injuries and conditions suffered are significant and can be life changing, which is bad news for everybody involved. Medical research has identified numerous types of injury that can occur, with the most serious including:

  • Salon Sink Radiculopathy - pain caused by compression on the nerve roots at the neck at vertebrae level, or injury to nerve roots going from the spinal cord to the hands/fingers.
  • Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency aka Beauty Parlour Syndrome (BPS) - first reported in the early 1990s when an American neurologist identified five patients who suffered strokes as a result of prolonged distortion of their necks from sitting at salon backwash basins.*

For further information contact Ian at New Era Distribution - 0208 773 7846 / [email protected]

*Michael I. Weintraub, MD. New York Medical College.   Valhalla (Pub:Weintraub MI. Beauty parlour stroke syndrome: report of cases.  Neurology. 1992:42(suppl):340.)

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