AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT supports the Sustainable Guar Initiative

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Authentic Beauty Concept produces products with integrity and has supported the Sustainable Guar Initiative (SGI) in Bikaner, India since 2017.

Cultures around the world have long used plant power to achieve glossy, healthy hair, applying everything from nut and seed oils to fruit pulp and crushed herbs. With time, and as our understanding of science and technology improved, hair and beauty brands have found increasingly sophisticated methods to harness that power.

In Authentic Beauty Concept products, Guar is used as a caring ingredient, improving comb-ability and hair feel. Through supporting the Sustainable Guar Initiative, a programme launched by the company Solvay to enhance the livelihoods of thousands of small holder guar bean farmers in India, Authentic Beauty Concept ensures that its products have a transparent value chain and its ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Bikaner, a district of Rajasthan, is considered the world’s largest guar producing region. In this area, guar is cultivated by more than 85% of the farmers. In promotion of ‘Good Agriculture Practices’ in guar cultivation, the Sustainable Guar Initiative trains and motivates the farmers to plant trees in the backyard of their households, as well as on the bunds of the guar fields. The project also focuses on nutrition and health and provides training to women farmers on balanced diets and supports the establishment of kitchen gardens within their households.

Since 2017:

  • 4,500 farmers have been engaged in the project
  • 18,178 trees have been planted
  • 525 kitchen gardens have been established
  • 856 women trained on cultivating kitchen gardens

For more information on the Sustainable Guar Initiative, watch this short film created by Authentic Beauty Concept.

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