Authentic Japanese Skincare Launches in the UK

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shiro is a long-standing Japanese beauty brand with an extensive range of skin, hair, fabric-care and fragrance products, all created using high-quality natural ingredients that have been expertly sourced and sampled from Japan for their rich cleansing and restorative properties.

Their mission is to enhance their customers’ natural beauty using simple natural methods. They officially launch in the UK with the opening of two new stores, in addition to their Kings Road boutique. London is the first destination for shiro anywhere in the world outside Japan.

shiro Philosophy

We use natural ingredients, as close as possible to their natural state. There is no effort spared when it comes to the ingredients used in shiro products; from meeting the producers of the natural ingredients to hear the philosophy behind their products to the washing, simmering, squeezing and steaming techniques that they use in product development; all shiro products are made with care and love from start to finish and are presented simply to amplify and champion the spectacular ingredients.

Key ingredients used in shiro products include Sake Kasu, a natural by-product of the Sake production process, rich in the nutrients of the rice grain; and Gagome Kombu, which harnesses the natural, moisturising properties of kelp. Other ingredients used across the range include rhubarb, rugrosa rose (balancing) ice plant, butterbur (sensitivity), olive (moisturising), adzuki (pore cleansing) and shea butter (dryness).

shiro want to share their Japanese heritage and the power of Japanese ingredients with the world, while staying true to their eight guiding principles:

  1. We make products that we ourselves want to use every day
  2. We get to know our natural ingredients
  3. We bring out the best of those ingredients
  4. We meet the producers
  5. We learn and share their ideas
  6. We share our Japanese products with the whole world
  7. We make our products in Japan
  8. We make the world a happier place
London stores
  • shiro Kings Road, 33E King's Road, London SW3 4LX
  • shiro Monmouth Street , 63 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, London WC2H 9DG
  • shiro St Christopher’s Place, 15 St Christopher’s Place, London W1U 1NJ

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