Aveda Corporation Announces B Corp Certification

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Aveda Corporation, the company behind the high-performance, vegan and Leaping Bunny Approved hair care brand with a mission to care for the world, today announced that it has become a Certified B Corporation, further recognising and deepening its decades-long commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Achieving B Corp Certification by the non-profit B Lab, confirms Aveda’s steadfast commitment to accountability and transparency throughout its mission-driven business. Facilitated by B Lab, Aveda underwent a rigorous and extensive review of its environmental and social practices and policies and was assessed across five pillars: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers, and achieved an overall impact score of 89.6, far exceeding the 50.9 average score of companies undergoing the assessment. Aveda will be held to high standards of accountability, undergoing a recertification process every three years to update its impact assessment and recertify as a B Corp.

Contributing to the certification of Aveda Corporation as a B Corp included the use of the company’s internal holistic and quantitative environmental scoring process, known as the Green Score; comprehensive benefits offered to employees, including volunteer time off for all employees and subsidised off-site childcare; and a company culture at Aveda that emphasises the health and wellbeing of employees. More information about Aveda’s overall B Impact Score can be found by visiting the Aveda website.

In addition to its B Corp Certification, Aveda is also a public benefit corporation, which acknowledges that the business operates for both profit and to produce a public benefit and by law can consider the impact of its decisions on stakeholders.

“A pioneer in sustainability since the founding of Aveda in 1978, achieving B Corp Certification affirms, through an incredibly rigorous process, that Aveda adheres to the highest levels of social and environmental performance,” said Melissa Chelminiak, Director of Mission Partnerships and Engagement at Aveda. “Aveda is proud to join a community of like-minded organisations who are driving a global movement of business as a force for good.”

Lindsey Wilson, Associate Director of Community Growth at B Lab said: “Aveda has a sterling reputation for its decades-long commitment to maintaining a purpose-led business and I am thrilled to welcome the brand to our community of over 5,000 B Corps around the world. The rigorous and extensive B Corp process takes into careful consideration a company’s impact on people and planet. I congratulate Aveda Corporation on its certification and look forward to supporting the brand on its continued mission to care for the world we live in.”

Creating A More Responsible Future

In accordance with Aveda’s founding mission to care for the world we live in, the brand has pioneered new benchmarks of environmental responsibility in beauty for decades, with priorities in the following six areas: safe beauty; sourcing responsibility; packaging responsibility; cruelty-free and vegan formulas; planet-conscious manufacturing; and helping to protect and provide clean water to people in need in Aveda’s sourcing communities and communities around the globe.

Aveda lives its mission at its company headquarters, which are situated on a 58-acre, National Wildlife Federation Certified campus in Minnesota with honeybee colonies, an employee-curated vegetable garden, electric vehicle charging stations and miles of running trails. The main office building has an emphasis on sustainability: it is powered by solar and wind energy, is carpeted with recycled fibres, has composting and recycling bins throughout the building and an organic cafe.

To learn more about Aveda’s sustainability initiatives, visit aveda.co.uk/sustainable-future

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