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In September the new Academic Year starts in the UAE. Children are going back to school and so can you!

If you are passionate and would like to change your career or try something new, or maybe you are already a professional and would like to try a workshop to boost your knowledge and skills, The Healing Zone Training Centre has a course to suit you.

Always remember: You are never too old to learn something new!

If you are interested in putting scientific elements into the practical elements of beauty therapy, then our Level 3 Diploma in Cosmetic Sciences and Practices could be your new skill for 2022.

Fancy creating your own regenerating moisturiser that will calm your skin during the day and add moisture and balance? Try this recipe:

  • Use a 100ml jar with a lid for your finished product
  • 84ml Moisture Cream Base
  • 14ml Evening Primrose Oil
  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 3 drops Neroli Essential Oil
  • 2 drops Palma Rosa Essential Oil
  • Mix thoroughly and see the difference!

If you want to know more then try our Aromatherapy Workshop where you will learn about the 150 different essential oils and how they work holistically to heal and balance your mind body and soul.

Did you know you have 7,200 nerve endings in your feet, 5,000 on your hands, and 435 in each ear? A reflexologist can help the flow of energy through the body to the areas affected by illness or stress, by targeting nerve endings. You too could become a professional Reflexologist by signing up for our course.

Fascinated by how the human body works? Why not try a certificated course in Anatomy, the study of the structure and relationship between body parts, or Physiology, the study of the function of body parts and the body as a whole?

We have so many options to help you make that big change in your life and upskill!

For more information head to and search for us, or give us a call on +971 (4) 388 7552.

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