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Backwash Solutions is proud to introduce ‘The Insta 80 Salon Water Heater’ - the lead product in their range.

Simply preset the water temperature to your clients’ preference in seconds, so there is no need to be wasting time, water and electricity while it heats up and you look for a comfortable temperature for your client.

Fed-up of low pressure, waiting for the water to get to temperature, clients getting frustrated or complaining? We all experience it, but now there is an answer; The Hair & Beauty Salon INSTA-80™ Water Heater. With savings of up to 50% on electric and water, along with the time saved of waiting for the temperature and pressure to be correct, it will “Revolutionise Your Backwash Experience”.

We all know the frustrations of Low Pressure at the backwash, our ‘Low Flow’ showerheads with their super soft water spray insure a fuller flow of water and offer an experience of three times greater pressure while only using the same amount of water and work on all systems within the salon.

Our ‘Low Flow’ showerheads have been especially designed to enhance the backwash experience for both you and your clients. While your clients are laid back enjoying being pampered, you are saving water and money.

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